"Precious" Moving Silence screening @Artos Foundation / Nicosia

December 3rd, 2018 at 19:30 An evening dedicated tocontemporary silent moving image and experimental sound

Gosee Award 2019 "Public Award" for my sweet cheerleaders!
Exhibition @CABANAmad Gallery (Lisbon)
Fumes & Perfumes exhibition 2019


"Hors D'oeuvre" @Goethe Institut Athen & AFFF 2019

Come to see it @afffathensfashionfilmfestival 25-27/2 at @megaron_athens. With the support of @goetheinstitut_athen.

Gregor Calendar Award 2018 "Award of Excellence" for DSO Calendar 2018
A treat for the new year! My film ODDITORY is screening at @LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (LSFF)

A treat for the new year! My film ODDITORY is screening at @LSFF next week in their program on an inflatable barge. I’d love for you to come and there are still a few tickets left! Snap them up before…

"Merits" for my ZIGN collaboration...  thank you Gosee Awards !!!!
VORN Magazine 9 (by Joachim Baldauf) "Imperfect Beauty"

Das sind die beteiligten Fotografen, Illustratoren, 3-D-Artists und Filmemacher: André Wagner, Burak Isseven, Christina John and Jovana Reisinger, Coco Neuville, Die Brüder, Dieter Brachtl, Erik van den Storm, Erika Buzin, Fette Sans, Franziska Uhlig, Harm Coordes, Joachim Baldauf, Linus Wincenth,…