Music Video für Maeckes "Stoik & Grandezza" out now!

Interview with Directors Notes

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"Catching the Eye" Interview on Onepointfour

BUSINESS AS USUAL release on Vogue Italia

BUSINESS AS USUAL  won the Award for "Best Art Direction"

YEAH!!!! We did it again….

The Ironic View Pop-Up Store

Bald geht es los!!! Am 23.11. eröffne ich in Kooperation mit der Fashion?! Ausstellung des Landesmuseums Baden-Württemberg meinen temporären Pop-up-Store. Ort: Calwer Str. 42-44 Öffnungszeiten: 11-19 Uhr Mo-SaDas gibt es zu sehen: Exhibition / signed Editions / Photostudio / Talks…

The Ironic View Shop – a short interview with the photographer/filmmaker Monica Menez

Dear Shaded Viewers, Monica Menez’s films have been featured and awarded at many ASVOFF editions. I had a chat with her about The Ironic View Shop that is opening at the Museum of Baden-W urttemberg next week. DP: When did…

Fumes & Perfumes 7.0 /2020

Resident Artists: Frank Bayh & Steff Rosenberger-Ochs Monica Menez Yves Noir Guest Artists: Simon Hjortek (SE) Alison Jackson (UK) Pol Kurucz (BR) Monkey.Sapiens (ES) Eli Rezkallah (LBN) ​ ​ PODCAST* zur Drive-Through-Ausstellung ​ ​ AUSSTELLUNGSKATALOG

Spotlight Award

one more jury….

I´m happy to be part of the ADC Jury!